Social Meida-Communicate tool in China

Even now, in China the government provides the strict policy of the censorship, and blocked many foreign websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It not means in China, there do not have any social media for people to communicate with each other. In this article: clearly shows 6 out of top 10 popular websites in China; for example, Sina Weibo, Tencent, RenRen, YouKu, Tudou and Baidu.

I strongly believe many people would like to explore the difference between Weibo and Twitter; and why Weibo is really successful in China.
The below points show what I think the difference between Weibo and Twitter.
For the Twitter, it follows the rule of the “simplicity”.
For the Weibo, is the platform of various social services and solutions; for example, the Email, games and website Apps.
In today’s society, Weibo is a “socialized” system and provide a space for people notice a certain discussion or topic and encourage retweets. In there, people also can add video files, music and own image in the every post. Moreover, in the Weibo also allow the users to insert graphical emoticons, the idea is the users can use this graphical emoticons to expressed their mood.
In addition, I am a super fan of Weibo, because it is not only a space of people to communicate and transfer what their think and/or believe; it is also a great idea for people to create the online shop. In this article: display one of the provinces in China called Fujian, in this province, the Internet users would like to online shopping, because it is easy, quick and saving money. Therefore, because of this reason, I am also creating an online shop in Weibo. It is perfect way for people to working at home and earns money. For the short term, the aim of Weibo marketing is impressions and promotion; in the impressions, it would be include how many visitors visited per day and the promotion would include what products you will going to sale and is it has any function? For the long term is the brand building. I believe it will be the complex process. The idea is when people sale the products in Weibo, the sellers can communicate the customers online, it is pretty cool; because when we go to shopping in the store, every seller only can communicate with one customer; however, in the online shop, one seller can communicate with two or more customers at the same time. It is the really good way to increased productivity. Through the high quality service is easy to accumulating and nurturing the followers.

So, I believe Weibo is a great invention in the second media age!! I love it!!


Social Meida-Communicate tool in China》有2个想法

  1. So many possibilities on a single platform! one only wonders if this will leand to information overload as people try to do too many things on the same platform – converse, shop, sell – a sort of supermarket of transaction possibilities!


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