The role of social media in China

As everyone know, the Chinese government has imposed strict censorship on the media system; also the government creates three different organizations to censor news and information which might post sensitive topics of political regulation and national secrets. However, in this article is showing social media play critical role in social action, and the author believe “social media enables more people to know about the government actions.” so do you believe now the social media in China is going to be freedom???


The role of social media in China》有1个想法

  1. Similar things are happening in Malaysia. In terms of politics, dissenting voices to the ruling hegemony are usually quite forcibly and sometimes violently silenced. Many Malaysians have already turned to social media in droves to get around this problem as best they can. I personally followed 2 grassroots activists campaigns – organised and publicised through social media – for cleaner and fairer elections in Malaysia. Then, before, during and after the 2013 Malaysian elections, social media exploded with citizen activity and campaigning. It was both beautiful and frightening to witness!


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