Internet rumors

Internet rumors  is one kind of broad existence society culture phenomenon.Now the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in China provide information that anyone who fabricate rumors on the Internet to defame or slander others can be held accountable on charges of libel.

In addition, Internet rumors is a terrible phenomenon, and it is immoral way to transfer the information which is not true. Also, it is my first time to agree with the government to over control the media. In China, most of people are jealous of people who are in the Western Countries have rights to have freedom speech for the political event. But I want to say the freedom speech is not equal to transfer any information which is not true. Moreover, some of serious case will have bad international effect, like protests, ethnic or religious unrest. Here is the article about China launches crackdown against online social media :

Befor i read these two article, I believe Internet is a great idea for every single person and make the easy life for today’s society. But now, i believe everything in the world has two sides.Internet cannot become a tool to amplify rumors. Now, Weibo is a tool for some people to fabricate and spread rumors.For example, the Erma Company is a famous Internet company in China, according to Beijing police, Erma Company spreading online rumors and profiting from the illegal acts. As the statistics show that there are about 200 online users with more than 10 million followers on Sina and Tencent Weibo with this company, and have an unexpectedly negative effect on the public. Therefore,
Online rumors threaten victims’ privacy, harm their reputations, mislead the public and disrupt social order. The spread of rumors violates both morality and the law. Moreover, circulation of false information on the Internet can mislead young people into thinking they can resort to cyberspace to vent feelings, thus creating negative influence in shaping their outlook on life.

The internet users have to observe laws and regulations and safeguard the bottom line of morality and authenticity of information. Otherwise, people won’t believe anything on the Internet.


Internet rumors》有4个想法


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